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Fine Dining at its Best: A Look at Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the world’s most celebrated culinary styles, and for good reason. Mediterranean countries offer some of the world’s finest food because their cuisine is not just about taste, but also about health and wellbeing. Here are some of the best meals to try when you’re visiting Mediterranean countries.

Research has shown that the Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest and most effective out there. It emphasizes clean eating, meaning foods that are unprocessed and free of additives. The other key components are olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, beans, nuts and a moderate amount of wine or red grape juice. When followed properly this diet has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, control diabetes symptoms and reduce body weight. One of the best ways to get started on a healthier lifestyle is by substituting some of your current food habits with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine!

If you want to find the healthiest cuisine out there, let your taste buds guide you to Italian, Greek, and Spanish cuisine. These cuisines typically use vegetable-rich ingredients that pack a nutritional punch. Add plenty of olive oil and some lean protein to the mix and you’ve got yourself a winning recipe for a delicious healthy meal. With so many tasty options on the table, it’s no wonder these countries are home to some of the world’s healthiest populations. In fact, it was recently reported that people living in Greece have a 20% lower risk of early death than those in other European countries. And the Italians aren’t too shabby either. Their average life expectancy is 81 years old–the third highest rate worldwide! Spain also boasts one of the lowest rates of obesity and diabetes, which is likely due to their love affair with fresh vegetables, seafood, legumes, red wine (in moderation), as well as their aversion to refined flour products like breads.

You might have heard of Greece, a country in the south-eastern part of Europe, but did you know that there are other countries on the continent as well? France and Italy are also European countries known for their excellent dishes. One dish is pasta primavera which is made up of a variety of vegetables, sauce, and herbs all mixed together to create this unique dish. Pasta is commonly found in Italian cuisine because it’s so easy to make, which I can vouch for! The recipe does not take much time or effort. If you want to try an easy-to-make pasta dish, give this one a try! After cooking the noodles, add your favorite vegetable and sauces, then let simmer with some fresh basil leaves. You could even add meat if you like! These noodles are perfect for any occasion from date night to family dinner.

Greek cuisine is arguably one of the most widely recognized forms of culinary art. With a proud history spanning thousands of years, it’s no wonder that this type of food is considered to be an example of true excellence in gastronomy. Traditional Greek meals typically feature olives, feta cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and oregano as ingredients. Food dishes often include pizza-like bread called pita with spreads like tzatziki or dolmades. Delicious appetizers might include baba ghanoush, spanakopita (spinach pie), tyropita (cheese pie) or taramosalata (fish roe). Soups are served with horsetail (stuffed grape leaves) and can be either hot and spicy, like avgolemono, or milder.

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